Happy Friday

So very doodle sorry I haven’t been on lately but MOM just hasn’t let me on she has been sort of blue lately but I think I have an idea to perk her up ! ! Guess what it snowed last night and into this MORNING plus MOM has the day off to play in the snow today too ! ! Yipppeee DOODLEY DOODLES ! ! ! ! !

At first I was like really where is my grass that I was able to chew on???/ HUH HUH then all of a sudden i heard a BOOM oh MY doodes what the doodle is going on outside then WAHNM a Doodle Wham I came in side so fast I slipped IM okay really I am mom said it was Thunder I heard gheeezzzzzzzz MY doodle radar was not paying attention at all to that !

But It’s not sooo bad that MOM even told me she was going to YOGA this morning then she is ALLLLLL MINE all Day long we will doodle dance and snuggle and get treats and have fun I have a planned whole doodle day PLUS we just might go shopping too ! and of course it would be my favorite place in all of this town

The last few days MOM and I have walked and Walked it has been sooo much of a great time the other night everyone was outside walking we saw lots and lots of pups and humans that we knew it was Doodle FANTASTIC but….. some reason last night there wasn’t anyone not very many cars at all, mmmmmmmmmmm MOM didn’t care she just wanted to walk and walk and walk, but I had to have my Radar going see it worked last night but this morning not at al, so as we passed our neighbor s house that has all kinds of decorations out well, she had a new light on my her mailbox, wel, I have never seen it before so I was so confused that I stopped and perked up my fluffy ears.

MOM MOM MOM are you sure we want to contiune Wilson we only went past 3 houses oh oh oh OH OKAY MOM but I tell you its strange tonight. So as we were waking MOM got the same doodle vibes as me so we cut our walk just a bit short I am glad because it was doodley strange last night !

But so Today is a wonderful Friday snow on the ground the trees have that white stuff back on I’ll be getting those snowballs on my legs ahhhhhhh How much fun I shall have because MOM is off today !!!

Have a wonderful Friday HUG your doodles !

Love ya Willy BABE

Well it still is February

Well it still is February


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