Good morning

Helloooo have you taken the time to listen shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh yes that is me woof wooof I am just letting you all know that I heard some birds sing this mornig YES I DID

and the best part so far of my day NO SNOW IN MY BACKYARD OH Yipppeee Doodley Doodle and My cousin Maisy May might just might come and visit me this weekend oh doodles I am so excited that I just cant hide I am a waggin waggin waggin my tail. See MOM last afternoon even walked me with out her winter coat on oh oh oh I can’t believe it but just between you and ME I think she was just a little bit cold not brrrrr cold just oooo I should of had my winter coat on cold well, I could of told her it took about a doodlezillion minutes for her too decide,
I was ready and ready to goooooooo walking walkin walking I was ready to walk the afternoon away.

Then of course it started to rain so we had to doodle along and since you all know it is sort of hard just to doodle along we didn’t even sing a song as we were doodling along.

Gheeezzzzzz MOM just needs to start practicing again I think she is thinking about spring because she keeps looking at where all of our bulbs are planted “DONT” worry Mom I have been woofing away at those squirrels that like to run along the fence >

Hey I miss my Miss Julia I havent’ seen her in a bit but MOM read that Her human took her on the Fox River Trail MOM MOM MOM we should go we really doodles should ! So maybe we will


Gotta get moving along thiking of songs because if I think of them MOM will sing them so watch out doodle world

Have a marvelous sunny day

Love ya Willy BABE




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