Happy Thursday

OH MY doodles It is warm outside oh sure it might be 17 but I don’t see my breathe ahhhhh and Plus I heard a few birds singing this morning and the sun is shinning and the snow is going away!

Yes Aunt Nancy the snow is still on the ground but it is meltinnnngggggg meltingnnnngggg YES ! and this weekend it will be in the 50’s MOM will be able to kick the soccer ball around with me and those snowmen stuck in the frozen ground will melt away and I will have my entire green backyard again ! !

Nope I’m not dreaming it is true really it is true MOM said so !

Soooo Mom didn’t walk me last night which was okay I just wanted to rest but what I did do was take all of my toys out of my basket yep I just felt like making a mess nothing wrong with that MOM said, but tonight we will walk, and then oh my I can’t wait to see all of my snow mounds melt down, maybe the pups will be in there backyards and we can all talk at once now wouldn’t that be fun

Ahhhhh ooooppps MOM just saw that and she gave me the look, well I just looked back and smiled.

SO if MOM gives me a bone and doesn’t let me outside with it what am I to do, I’ll tell you I just keep walking back and forth and forth again thats all but she is not giving me she has to leave soon oh Doodles !

I have a hard life wag my tail woof to my friends give hugs and kisses to everyone !

Have an awesome day todayt

Willy BABE

MOM won't let me have my bone outside  whinnnn

MOM won’t let me have my bone outside whinnnn


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