Good Morning

Oh My Doodles Oh My Doodles I didn’t see any of my girls I guess it was too cold for the girls to be outside
Oh my Doodles Oh My Doodles I sure wish I can see them soon
I forgot to ask them last fall if we can get together real soon.

OH My did you know that yesterday was Valentines day well, of course I expected to see the ladies but know one was outside at lunch time, I guess there humans don’t come home for lunchtime

But have no fear Mom just told me it is suppose to be 50 over the weekend oh yes! A heat Wave is coming my way ! So you can best believe that I will be out on the deck sunning in the sunshine !

so yesterday Mom came in gave me a big Valentine hug and a special Treat then we went for a walk, oh yes it was a little breezy at times but we made it and the best was that we didn’t have to worry so much about icy patches on the side walks, so I didn’t have to keep a very close eye on Mom as we walked but I did anyway occastionaly she would say OOOo then I knew I have to go slowly,

As we turned down a street a car slows down Mom waves and who is in the CAR???? DAD ! DAD ! I recoginzed the car and as soon as MOM said Dad just drove by well, I started to gallopp come on come on MOM DAD is HOME DAD is HOME yes I ran and gallopped hey MOM did pretty good keeping up with me I gave Dad a big special smile well, of course I thought I would get another treat and I was not Disappointed at all ! !

ahhhh it was fun making my MOM run ah ha ha oh doodles I guess I must get going along and snoozing along all day long ! ! !

So have an awesome Wednesday

Love ya Willy BABE

Ladies come out and play on Saturday  OK ???

Ladies come out and play on Saturday OK ???


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