So who oh who is ready for the warmth who oh who is with me I want the warmth too sit outside with my MOM on the deck
Oh when oh When will it warm up oh when can i run and play It is cold outside to run and run because of the snowy ice on the ground.

There you have it my last doodle rant on the cold YES I am done with the COLD MOM doesnt even sit out on the deck in this weather oh yeah thats right I have a fur coat and MY MOM doesn’t well, MOM I just don’t know what to say I can say is that OH doodles ha ha ha ha

But seriously MOM will go out just for a bit in the morning and we clean up the yard just a little I wanted a belly rub yesterday morning but brrrr NOPE no belly rub and MOM wont’ even go out this morning either come on MOM ! And for a walk last night NOPE Mom said it was cold well I think MOM just needs a fur coat to help her out DAD???? Dad

But all is well because I got to stay in side and and play and get some snuggles but I think it was MOM that needed the snuggles yesterday. I like that she needs me to snuggle with.

Hmmmmm did you know that there is a full moon tonight and yesterday was a pretty crazy day yeah, OOOooOOOo I have been going over to my fence lately and I haven’t seen My Julia girl hmmmmm I guess it is cold for her too she doesn’t have as much fur like me.

Ooooo Doodles Hey Spring is just around around around the block yeah its a big huge block

Have a wonderful delightful doodle day

Love ya Willy BABE

ooooo and that box Dad got the other day in the mail hmmmm the cardboard tasted pretty good I was a big Doodle helper in opening up the box LOL LOL

Sun + warmth + snow = brrrrrrrrr today

Sun + warmth + snow = brrrrrrrrr today


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