Well, Mom and Dad went away for the weekend and I just thought like last time I was just going to have someone come over to let me outside oh Doodles I thought sometimes that is fun and other doodetimes it is NOT !!!!

But I was so surprised see Mom has a special bag for me for when I go away for the weekend but hmmmmmmm she was busy going everywhere in the house Dad was busy hmmmmm what is up Ill just watch with my two little eyes to see what I can see hmmmmm what do I see I saw MOM gather some food for me and waaaaa LA Wilson Wilson come Willy BABE What???/ I get to go???? Well not really MOM says I get to go over to a pet sitters house hmmmmmmm okay????

It was the person MOM and I interviewed for some time ago Yes can you believe it I had to be interviewed so I was cute and well behaved sooooo….. what happened????

Well the sitter told MOM and Dad that I had to be put into a time out grummmmmhph whinnnnnnnnn whinnnnnnn,

Here is the doodle story my part of it anyway so there was a German Shepard girl who was flirting with ME! !! ! so it’s not fault that I tried the paw, well Ms Nancy as us puppy called her, took me to the side told me NO and gave me a time out I was sad whinnnn whinnnn then I looked over and saw that German Shepard smirking at me oh my doodles gheeeeezzzz I was trying to be good, so after my time was over my new girl Shepard would not play with ME Man OH doodles but its okay I had 2 other friends that I played with

Mom and Dad picked me up and I jumped up on Mom’s shoulders ahhhh HI HI HI I was wagging my tail and I was like lets go lets go before Ms Nancy tells on me ! But …… I got told on oh doodles Mom giggled so it wasn’t so bad. I sure had fun sleeeping over in a house and meeting new friends.

Oh yea I gobbled my food down last night and ate some bunny treats outside its not good for a doodle so DON”T TRY IT

Have a wonderful Sun filled day

Love ay Willy BABE

I really tried to be good over the weekend  really I did

I really tried to be good over the weekend really I did


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