Happy Thursday

Hey did you know that today is GroundHog Day???

Well I just decided that it should also be fluffy Doodle Tail day sooooo Dad said when he comes home from Lunch I’ll go out on the deck peek around and see if I can find my fluffy tail

Sooooo Watch for the big news to come soon

Ha HA HA So when MOm came home from Yoga last night it was cold but I told her it was okay not to walk But Tonight we should walk Oooo I know the streets maybe be icy so we will go slow I told MOM.

Oooo guess what I also get to go away to a sleep over very very doodles soon I can hardly wait and Mom said she would bring my pillow along ahhhhhh Hey guess what I did I really confused my Mom I moved the pillow from one end of the couch to the other ah aha and How did I do that I’m not telling.

Well I gotta get moving along OOOOO those woofs this morning was just to say hi to all my buddies I miss you in the backyards so I am hopeful we can see each other very soon

Have a Nice Day

Love ya Willy BABE

Stay warm its cold baby

Yep I'll let you know if it will warm up soon

Yep I’ll let you know if it will warm up soon


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