Happy Monday

I know I know normally I don’t get to go on to the computer on a Monday morning but I said what the Doodles why NOT?//

Its a cold brrrrrr morning but I still like going outside to just watch, yep my doodles eyes are soooooo keeen that I can see where oh where those little bunnies have left a few treats in my backyard yes I can oh sure I can sniff snifff then give a little woof wooof but its so much better when you can sniff sniffff sniff. My Mom and I went for a huge huge walk on Saturday yes we went all the way to the park by my house and walked all around boy oh boy there are a lot of trees that I haven’t seen before Mom and I just felt like we were all by ourselves in the mirage of trees.

But all of a sudden we walked past some tennis courts and I saw someone walking through the courts MOM M OM?????? Wilson its okay I did a side step because the doodle heck I wasn’t sure what? oh What I should do someone was walking without are you ready a four legged animal well that is certainly unheard of on a Saturday I just think everyone should be out walking around snifing around all day long !

you know what I like??? well I like to wag wag wag it I like to WAG MY TAIL ha ha ha OH yes Yep I am going just a little doodle stir crazy only because I haven’t see the sun shine in a few days but as we were off on our walks we saw that little silver lining in the clouds It was little but MOM and I SMILED ahhhhhh and now the sun is shinning too.

time to go out on to my deck “No matter what happens, just breathe”

Love ya
Willy BABE

Just looking

Just looking


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