Happy Friday

My oh My Friday is here My oh My I am so glad it has been one doodley crazy week, I am so happy to say !

Plus the sun did peak out of the clouds just for a few minutes yesterday I know this because MOM and I were walking we looked up and WaaaaLA there was the sun shinning through the clouds ahhhhhhhh Mom and I looked at each other and just smileddddddd.

I showed mom the way yesterday as we were walking not like the other day when it was snowy ucky outside and I got all wet and wanted to keep on going keep on going but of course MOM knows best and we went home aaahhhhgggggg

Yes I wanted to keep on moving along waggin my tail as we were walking , but well, it was the time factor and it was getting late oh doodles. But last night I got to see one of my favorite little humans Mom and Dad were face timing with Jack and ooooo I saw my little friend my tail was wagging I know I know I had a grumpy face on well, thats because I wanted to woof wooof and Dad and MOM said no grummmph !!

Plans for today not so sure but I know what ever MOM and I do it will be a tail waggin kind of day

Have a wonderful doodlicious day

Love Ya

Willy BABE

nah  no sun but I wanted to cheer everyone UP

nah no sun but I wanted to cheer everyone UP


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