Good Morning

Hi well I must say if that sun does NOT come out very soon I will just have to somehow sneak into my MOM and Dad’s suitcase and go somewhere sunny gheeeezzzz a doodle where o where is the sun?
Oh where oh where can it be I haven’t seen it for sooo many days I think I forgot what it looks like!

So this past weekend was a lot of fun expect for the fog so Mom could not get to Chicago it was very very foggy so she had to turn around and drive back to Green Bay but Mom was a safe driver On Saturday Mom and I took a walk YES we did a WALK ahhhhh man oh doodles was i ever so happy to walk ahhhhhh sniff sniff the snowmounds that are melting Nope nope Nope didn’t hear any birds tweeting, but oh gheez did I get dirty ahhhhh just love this time of year sort of.

I was also so excited that Mom and I got to go last night for a walk too ! We didn’t do our regualar walk well, becuase the sidewalks have Doodlegiant puddles and you know I would want to go in them and get my furry paws wet Mom says no

We walked in the street on Saturday and Sunday Mom figured that if runners and run in the street walkers thats ME and my MOM could also she kept me close by,

Oooo last night after our walk I didn’t want Dad to feel left out of petting me and giving me my head scratches so when they were talking I went immediately to Dad kept looking at MOM and giving her my smile so she knew that I love both my humans

sillly sillly Silliness all day yesterday

Well I gotta go and I am going to keep my furry paws crossed that the Sunshine will come out TODAY

Love ya Willy BABE

Im looking for the sun

Im looking for the sun


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