Good morning

Well my MOM is smiling this morning ha ha ha It’s FridaY SHE says and my oh doodles my it sure was a short week for my MOM but I just don’t understand why it feels like a long week to me well, it’s icy out and I could not go for a walk oh sure I played ball an I ran around a bit but doodles I am done with the icy situation

And to top it off last night mom spotted my girlfriend Maisy may walking yes WALKING with Mr. O . grummmmph and me NOOooOOO( I have to stay in because MOM thought I might slip
well I have to keep reminding my MOM that my paws are huge and I won’t slip but …… If mom fell I would feel soooooo bad but I protect MOM I really do because whenever she starts to slips she yelps “OOOO”: she says ha ha ah MOM when oh when can we walk can we go after work today?

MOM says YES as long as it is not raining plus MOM says Karen is coming today and I get to play with Maisy all day long tomorrow and
Sunday ahhhh

Oooppps Mom has to leave a bit early today the roads yeah the roads But One request Mr. Sunshine please shine on me please Please PLEASE

Love willy Babe

Can we get some SUN  SOON

Can we get some SUN SOON


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