Good Morning

Well oh Well Mon eventually had to go back too work so off to work she goes No delays but she would of had to go in early at the same time anyway no Closing oh my oh my
so that means no snuggles this morning at all.

Mom says its okay because it’s almost the weekend because today is Wednesday ahhhhh oh yea Wednesday I like Wednesday On Wednesday we can be a little bit whacky and have a wild doodle day
Wild Day wild day so what does a doodle do on a Wild Wednesday we rest up for our humans when they come home from a long day that is what we do.

And I must say I am getting pretty much done with this ice and the gloomy skies I need sunshine on my deck will make me happy Sunshine in my window will make me smile Sunshine and watching bunnies make me want to chase them but I can’t because my yard is YUCKY]

Mom says she better leave a little bit early this morning but NOT before she gets a little snuggle time in ahhhhh MOM you are so silly

have a wonderful Whacky day

Love ya Willy BABE

No snuggles today whinnnnn

No snuggles today whinnnnn


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