Good morning

Oh My Doodles Oh My Doodles MOM is off again today What oh What shall we dooo MOM oh what shall we do????

MOM said we will play oh Wilson We will Play, we can’t go outside but we will play during the day

OO OOO Mom OOO OOO Mom that will be fun oh yes it will can we go to the park?? Oh Can we Go

Mom said OH OH OH Wilson if the roads are not so icy if they are we will play Hide n seek oh yes we will

OOOOO MOM that is good that is good know I will rest on the couch until we can play

Over the weekend MOM AND I had fun as you all know it has been cold then it warmed up then it got icy which for a doodle is not any fun at all !!!

Soooo I was getting into stuff like trying to take the napkins off the table stretching to see what was left on the counter all the doodle stuff that I know better not to do, well luckily MOM talked with a friend and she told MOM about this dog park that I went to was a little doodle ( lol can you believe that me little?)) well I was once.

Mom took me the park and I ran and ran and ran oh my doodles I had fun there were hills and valleys and a bridge to cross oh my oh my not many pups there but that was okay I ran with one of them, after a bit I was DONE i went to the gate time to go MOM hmmmmmmm mom thought I think we should try out our park so we did and I ran an ran but I had to be a litte bit careful because of the ice oh sure snow covered it but…… had to be careful. that was fun and on Sunday we went again an MORE pups there too oh my Mom had to call my Name a few times well, …… there was this big dog being a bully I stopped looked and almost went over to see what the doodles was going on but mom said in a very stern voice WILSON !! oooops I knew she meant business,

OOOo before I forget my furry paw was in action yea MOM wasn’t too happy oh doodles I have been stuck in the house and I just needed a little furry paw time.

we also went to another park and well, yes I was a little naughty ooops but …. so was another pu p too ! ! ! So there

Now today Mom has a ice day off what are we going to doo NOt sure but I know snuggling will be in order

Have a wonderful snuggling kind of a day

Love ya Willy BABE

Gotta love being at a park

Gotta love being at a park


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