Happy Friday

It’s Friday It’s Friday OH YEA OH YEA it’s fridayyyyy

Let’s Dance Let’s dance come on let’s dance do the doodle do the doodle dance Put your two feet in and stomp stomp stomp put your two feet in and dance all around shake shake shake that is the way we do the doodle dance. Turn around Turn around it’;s Friday Friday turn turn turn and shake shake shake give a smile and raise a paw because today is FRIDAY and there is a full moon and it’s the 13th oh my Doodles MOM is going to need me to dance dance for her when we get home

So I have a doodle concern when oh when can I go for a walk oh when oh when can we go again the road is icy and MOM is afraid to go out and play

So Dad and I played squeeky ball because I have some doodle energy to burn OH when oh When can we run again oh when oh when please let it be soon, I have so much to do !!

The full moon was out last night and normally I would sit out on my deck but even me Mr. Furry Boy wants to be in side out very doodle fast then back in

Whooosh is it time to plan a vacation??????

I want to go somewhere warm so we can walk and play a beach and a ocean would be just fine so please please lets look on line

So MOM I just might look while you are at work today so just leave that credit card and I’ll book something for the of us

Love ya
Willy BABE

I'm done with the COLD  BRRRRRRR

I’m done with the COLD


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