Good morning

Well oh Well did MOM and I have a awesome dooldey great surprise yesterday Mom was just enjoying her coffee then she looked up and started to dance Mmmmmmm and MOM didn’t even ask me to do the doodle rompin stompin dance but …. it’s okay I joined in MOM and a Icy Day off from school, Yippppeeeee ! ! ! MOM and I oh doodles what can we do what canwe do MOM??>

As it turns out the roads by my house were very icy so we didnt even go for a car ride and gheezzz a doodle it was sad grummmmmmm

But well, let me back track normally MOM does Yoga on Tuesday night but that was cancelled so MOM and I did Yoga together yep she was doing some poses well, MOM what fun is doing Yoga by yourself when you have ME! so I just gave MOM the paw to help her breathe then nudge her a bit ahhhh she laughed a bit.


But last night MOM went and when she came back she was full of energy but we still could not go for a walk, gruymmmmmph slippery outside but Dad and I played HIDE and Seek, a bit, Yes I came in from the outside and DAD was in my spot at least I thought he was MOM said ‘”:Wilson where is DAD????” hmmmm snifff sniffff I kept looking and looking I knew he was hiding under the blanket ahhhh mom???? WHERE IS HE i Kept looking and looking NO DAD then MOM puled the cover down and There he is ahhhh HI DAD so I put my doodle nose closer to say HI

Ahhh what a nice fun night with my humans

Mom isn’t sure if we can walk tonight but I am a doodle so I am so optimistic OHOHO OH

So mom was by the oven last night and I kept looking and Looking hmmmmm maybe I can get a goody nah so as soon as I saw that MOM wasn’t going to give me anything I thought hmmmmmmm Dad is still sitting at the table so I carefully turned around and went to dad Nudge him with my head, the humans laughed MOM said that I did a very calculated MOM HuH?????

OH MOM whatever !!

So have a very wonderful doodle day Doodle Day have a Wonderful Doodle Day all Day long

Love ya

ahhhhhh where are those bunnies ???

ahhhhhh where are those bunnies ???

Willy BABE


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