Goood Morning

Hey guess what it is getting warmer outside I knew it I just Doodly knew that some day it would get warm again, AND MOM uploaded pictures from her cell to our computer oh my Doodles this is the Doodle Doodle LIFE I like.

Now on Saturday MOM cleaned and did things around the house but the best part of the day in My Doodles eyes is that MOM took me for a walk, oh sure it was 11 outside with a little bit of a wind chill, but MOM bundled all up and took me for a walk, and this time she said “Wilson, it is going to be a short walk,” and and Doodles did she ever mean that and we did take a very short walk,

I liked it because as we were walking on down the street who should we meet Mr. Mosby the Great Dane oh oh oh MOM MOM MOM can we say HI can we can we????/

Mom smiled and normally that means of course we can, but gruummmmph not ON Saturday oh OH OH because it was brrrrrr cold and MOM was getting cold but we had a walk, and last night the snow was falling snow was falling on my fluffy tail on my fluffy tail snowflakes snowflakes on my lashes on my lashes falling falling falling on my tail.

ha ha ha ha we had fun took our time especially when we found those slippery spots and mom would go OOOooOO ha ha ha okay MOM i’ll be the guide just follow me

Looks like MOM might have to leave early today the roads are slippery so I have to get off so long farewell I hope you have a great day I’ll talk with you all on Doodle Wednesday

Love ya Willy BABE

Ahhh No more Icy backyard

Ahhh No more Icy backyard


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