Happy New YEAR

OH MY Doodles is it really true Yes, My MOM told me, so it must be Yeah she has to go back to work tomorrow Tomorrow Tomorrow the sun will come out Tomorrow bet I will get a million hugs Today and Tomorrow as Mom said it was so OH my OH MY I have had so much fun with mom when she is home what oh what will I do now OH what Oh What will happen, everyday we snuggled and snuggled every day we coudl.

Mom and I have so much I just have to look at her with my Big Brown eyes and I can get whatever I want . Well almost like that bone I want to finish up in one chew well….. Mom won’t let me chew that up she takes it away from me and It is all because one time JUST one time when I was a wee little puppy I ate up a whole entire bone yes I did get sick OH sure I know MOM is just being protective of me oh doodles MOM

Mmmmm I see mom has her Yoga STUFF ON so that means Yoga for my MOM and me well I have a gazllion doodle ideas in my head of what to do today hmmmmmm One is going to my favorite pet store and get some food Yes Im a starving doodle ONLY kidding ha ha ha

But seriously I love going in to that store all kinds of sniff sniff all around OOOoo

Mom took down our Christmas tree yesterday now I have bit more room to roam and when Dad is busy on the computer I can reach him easily to get my scraches in ahhhhh

Yes it is a bit sad when the tree comes down but heck It’s a New Year I have a birthday coming in June A vacation to be planned all kinds of doodly things

So My new Doodle resolution is NOTHING that is RIGHT NOTHING AT ALL

OOoo Dad took a walk with Mom and me yesterday and as we turned a corner a very pretty Golden Retrevier was close by well, my friends that little Girl wanted too meet me and can you blame her??

I am a Handsome doodle I smiled and continued walking with my Humans ahhhhhh Life is so Good Pet your Doodle and have a fantadoodlicious Day.

Love ya Will BABE

PPS mom said she is going to try to up load some new pictures of ME !

Happy New YEAR

Happy New YEAR


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