Good Morning

On the first day of chirstmas my MOM gave to me One Giant Doodle Hug
On the second day of Christmas MY MOM gave to me 2 delicious treats One giant Doodle Hug and a picture from her camera

On the third day of Chirstmas my mom gave to me ONE GIANT DOODLE HUG< 2 Delicious treats and 3 Belly Rubs, and took a picture from her camera

On the Fourth day of Chirstmas MY MOM GAVE TO ME 4 NO NO NO's well, I was trying to eat some paper,

3 Belly Rubs, 2 Delicous Treats, One Giant Doodle Hug and took a picture from her camera phone gheez a doodle

Yesterday we had another fun doodle day doodle day doodle it is fun to play all day long with me oh yes it is !

dOODLE dOODLE dOODLE DAY OH I HOPE WE PLAY Again I like to wag my tail all day long when we play

We took a walk in the afternoon man oh doodles those sidewalks even in the afternoon can be slippery so MOM and I walked in the street for a bit well, we had to Mom likes to go slowly on the sidewalk, and Ilike to oooo whats that sniff a tree well, I know you can't really sniff a tree but there is plenty of snow to sniff if you know what I mean ????

We walked and walked just only a little bit I wanted to go longer but that wind came up and oh doodles I started to get a bit cold, oh sure MOM had her mask on so that was good but oh thats okay we will walk again this afternoon

The sun is shinning the sun is shinning on me on me the sun is Shinning lets go an play

OOoooOO last night I tried again to grab a napkin off the counter hmmmmm I must be getting winterized by walking so much that I need just a wee bit more food, OOOOOoooOO
the treat I got from Jack and Liz well, it's almost gone yummy yummy it is.
So MOM came home a little bit later than usual from Yoga Not really I just was hungry so as MOM was getting her coat off and hanging it up I patiently waiting by my food dish, I have been doing that a bit lately well, I know I am not forgotten its just that I am juse to eating at 5 and it was 6 last night COME ON HUMANS just leave that food door open so I can help my self,
oh doodles now that would be fun NOT mom says she just looked over my shoulder

Plus I got one of my toys and last night and MOM and I were playing tug of war ha ha ah

Have a Doodlicious Thursday I will because MOM IS HOME ! Yippeee Doodly Day

Love ya Willy BABE Do you see me???


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