Good Morning

On the First Day of Christmas my Mom gave to me a giant DOODLE HUG
On the Second Day of Doodle Christmas MY MOM gave to me 2 Huge Scratches on my Head
One Giant Doodle HUG
On the Third Day of Doodle Christmas MY Mom gave to me 3 Perfect treats, 2 Huge scratches on my Head, and 1 Giant Doodle HUG

Gheez a doodle I can’t wait for tomorrow.

OH MY OH MY Mom is off as we all know and gheez a doodle she slept in today yes ! ! but , Dad said don’t worry Wilson MOM will be down in a minute well, I would think so It’s 630 who is going to feed me???? and we all know a Hungry Doodle is a Hungry Doodle

Not so sure what my Mom will be give me well, in order to get some attention I have been stretching my paw up onto the counter.

OOOooOOo I almost forgot to share this well, remember my brain works differently it has those noodles in my brain,well, On Friday night when Karen was here we also opened up Jack’s gift well, I just knew something was special snifff snifff sniff I could sniff hmmmmm let me open it let me let me come on come on so opeend up the package and guess what????
The most delicious treat was in the bag ahhhhh It was marvelous I have one more left see, MOM is giving it to me just a little bit at a time, she doesn’t want me to have it all at once


So….. I guess I’ll just take one bit at a time, can you believe this MOM of course is off all week, and we are having lots of fun together I am getting my hugs in taking early afternoon walks, but in the evening thats when I take most of my walks I am feeling a little bit doodley confused

OOooOOo I went my Julias fence this morning no Julia outside whinnnn whinnnnnn but when Maisy was here and Mocha was outside oh my doodles that girl jumped so high up the fence I thought she was going to come on over to my side now that would be funn.

I think I forgot to mention that my human brother my BIG Brother came home for the Chirstmas day morning but when he left I was sad everyone comes and goes, but I got a big hug from Mom and she said don’t worry We well visit our humans when its warmer OK OK OK MOM

So today is Wednesday MOM says we will take another early walk but today we are going to snuggle and watch some movies hmmmmmmmm

I have a better idea and I’ll tell MOM about it later on

So have a fantastic Day to

and keep on smiling keep on smiling the sun will shine today the sun will shine today and then we will be basking in the rays of the sunshine on the Deck as we wait for Spring oooppps we still have January, and Feb and March oooppps Snuggle Snuggle your doodle

Love ya Willy BABE

I love when we are on vacation

I love when we are on vacation


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