Good morning

On the first day of Christmas my Doodle MOM gave to me a very very long walk,
On this second day of Christmas MY Doodle MOM will give to me some play time in our backyard

Well, oh Well I hope you all had a very Merry Doodle Chirstmas, I was so excited on Friday MOM, told me that my Human sister Karen was coming but I was so confused because normally she shows up late at night but on that Snowy Friday Afternoon MY Karen and Maisy show up at the door but…… Mom was not at home who was going to let Maisy through the garage door and let her run run run then I go outside to chase her and come back in to say hi to my Karen. Oh my Doodles well I just forgot all about that when all of a sudden the door opens up and I jump and gallopp wag my furry tail ahhhhhh
So this is What Christmas is all about FAMILY coming home ahhhhhhh Oh what fun Friday was with the snow falling and Maisy here I had a great doodle time, then Mom came home ahhhh

Oh what fun it is to have my family home !

But I was sad on Saturday they had to leave early Whinn Whinnnnnnn , well all of a sudden I saw My MOM gather stuff up well, I said this is something MOM always tells me if we are going somewhere, but…… I didn’t get to go grummmph but all of a sudden my buddy Abbey came over with Mrs. B and I got to play and take a walk ahhhhh

Oh what fun it is to play on a snowy day

Mrs. Be even came over at night time to take me out then all of a sudden my garage door opens up woof wooof woooooof ruff ruf so I carefully went to the door and who walks in MY HUMANS
So we had to stay up and talk about the day but MOM started to yawn I started to also Mom said see ya in the morning we have to go to bed before
Santa doodle comes.

Oh what fun it is to have my humans home

Sleeping on the couch waiting for the BIG GUY awakening at every sound just to hear the clop clop on the roof top !
OOOoOOo Doodle Bells Doodle Bells I had a lovely Chirstmas Thank you so much for all the gifts and giving me a great big hug !

Well MOM is off this week so I am waggin my tail alot about that I now she is going to go to Yoga in a few minutes then we will go shoopping for a walk a little treat

OOO what fun it is to have MOM home for a weeek!

Love ya
Willy BABE

I heard Santa Doodle

I heard Santa Doodle


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