Good day

One first day of
Christmas MY MOM said to me WILSON can you give me your List
On the Second Day of Christmas I gave my list to my MOM and here it goes:
One bag of Treats, two squeeky toys

HMMMm Mom said this is the Third Day of Christmas what else can you like Well, I said

On the First
Day of Christmas can I have a giant HUG, Two bags of Treats 3 Snuggles if its cold and then MOM said well, I will see what we can do !

OH MY doodles has it ever been cold over the weekend I haven’t even been outside for a walk, but I have had extra treats and on Saturday MOM was busy busy in the kitchen I sort of felt left out sooooo I would do want any other doodle would do in a case of Saturday I need to do something blues.

I broke out into my sining well, Santa Doodle is coming in just a few days and I have to practice he like my music so much last year that I have to be prepared.

Doodle Bells Doodle Bells I will have some carrots for the reindeer just come inside and be warm for a while and I will check out your sliegh HEY
Doodle Bells Doodle Bells i will make sure all is good, I’ll check out the toy bag to see if there are any squeeky toys for me and my cousin Maisy, hey

ah ahahaha

Yep I am ready and I must say on Sunday when it was so very brrrrrrrrdoodley cold I just sat and sat and stared at MOM I needed to leave the house and just see the world so I convinced her to take me to the PARK oh my I was the only one at the park so MOM and I only stayed for a while but that is just what I needed to run and run and run.

On the First day of Christmas my MOM gave to me A giant HUGGGGG HUG
On the Seconid day of Doodle Christmas my MOM gave to me TWO HUGE BAG OF TREATS
On the Third day of Doodle Chirstmas MY MOM gave to me THREE snuggles on the floor

OOPS gotta GO


love YA Willy BABE

When you come we can build another

When you come we can build another


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