Do you know well I am sure you do that Chirstmas Merry Christas and HO HO HO is almost here oh doodles I can feel the excitment in the air.

Yep MOM has put out the stable and she has her snowmen ready all I need is my jingledoodle hat OOOO Jingle
doodle Jingle all the way oh what fun it is to wag my tail all the way HEY Doodles like to run and we like to ruff urff so if you here us RUffing please give us a hug OOOOO Doodle bells Doodle Bells oh how I love this time of year so much fun to be had especially when MOM and Dad are n’t looking HEY

So Saturday MOM was a wondering if I had to get cleaned up for Chirstmas or not so what did she do She called and I get doodley beautiful This Satuday Whooosh I am lucky because on Satuday I just need to be prepared that I am going to the groomer oh sure I like going but heck MOM always knows what she is doing well sometimes.
But oh my Doodles my cousin David got a puppy and everyone is ooo and ahhh over this cute little girl well I would too if I can see it MOM just hasn’t shown me the picture yet well, MOM lets get on the
Doodle Stick and show away it is a cute little Newfoundland puppy oh my MOM is in LOVE with the puppy oh my am I worried nah I just give mom my paw and say

HEY MOM Im here I am here for you give me a hug an Ill wag my tail I love you so very much do I want a little one in my house well. ….. I sure would but I think we should wait until the summer then MOM and I have more time to be with the little one ! !

Doodle pups Doodle pup sure I would like one so if your listening SANTA Doodle one in my stocking would be just fine ! ! ! !

OOOoo we got to see my brother Jack on the phone on Sunday and Liz, and Yasmin and
Reef oh what fun it is to see the little ones when we can

Well oh well I am just in the singing mode now hah ahha no it should be HO HO HO HO HO la la la Fala LA

have a wonderful day

24 days to Santa Doodle

Love ya Willy BABE

I'm dreaming  .......

I’m dreaming …….


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