Good Morning

Happy Happy Friday Happy Friday oh what a day I like my Friday so I can run and play Run ad Play Run and Play Oh How I like my Fridays so I can just run and play.

Well I must say it is about time that the Rain has stopped I was getting worried that MOM didn’t want to walk, Hmmmmmm I was thinking but she just doesn’t like to walk in teh rain in the rain mom doesn’t like to walk in the Rain, which I find very doodley odd because we walk in the snow eeekkkkks Im not suppose to say that word just yet why oh why I just don’t know.

but …… after Mom came home yesterday and we got done eating dinner My MOM carefully slippled up stairs while Dad was doing he dishes yes he does help a lot for MOM>

So……… I thought it was worth a doodle gamble so I waited and waited MOM MOM I knew IT !! ! ! ! Yep she just changed to go walking plus I think with me just sitting at the bottom of the stairs being as handsome as I can MOM would of taken me anyway OH what fun it was too walk on a beautiful night HEY

Well, its that time of year again when I have to get my voice read to sing so come on everyone clear your throat and get those doodle bugs ready to sing in Harmondy

Laaa Laa La Loa OH what fun it is to be a doodle in the month of December oooooo YES !! !

Plus its Friday and I think Mom is going to finish decorating and get our tree ready oh what fun it is to wait for that big Santy Doodle because he is coming to town, so that means no more going into my Human Brothers room and trying to eat the paper OOOOPS well, if MOM didn’t leave the door partialy open I would not of gone in there so I get ONE MORE strike before Santa Doodle learns about that one little problem.

Have a wonderful
Fluffy Friday
Love Ay

Willy BABE

Snow Flakes Snow Flake

Snow Flakes Snow Flake


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