Good Morning

Well oh Well can you believe this MOM is done early with getting ready for work and I get to be on my computer THATS Right MINE MINE MINE all Mine hee heee
only in my dreams.

So now back to my weekend, so On Thursday MOM puts the turkey in the oven oh my Doodles the house smelled so good that Maisy and I were so hungry but did we get extra snacks NOPE ghrummmmph

But on Thursday when Maisy came over we played and played oh my doodles so much excitement going on I greeted Maisy then ran back in to say hi to Karen then ran back oustide and you know Maisy she likes to play play play so we did , and did oh my doodles so much fun to run and run on my favoirtie days

Well actually all my days were favorite but ….. On Thursday we got to skype with Jack oh and I saw Liz oh oh oh The kids wanted to see ME ! ahhh that made my tail wag wag WAG

I just love Family times, but we meaning Maisy and Me didn’t get to go with my family to visit the other faMILY SO WE STAYED HOME AND THE Humans put the apple pie way far up on the counter well, gheeZ just because ONCE only ONCE we got some pie they never forget those humans don’t yes we grabbed some pie last time But come on that was so long lonnnnngggg ago.

Mom and Karen went away on friday so I had to sit MaISY and that is so much fun we just play play play.

When MOm and Karen came home we were just happy to see them sort of tired but very happy, ahhhhh It takes me a few days to get going again, and last night man oh doodles I was ready for a walk, but mom wasn’t gheezzzzzzz she came home late from Yoga I undersdstand so we played ball in the house I ran and gallopped to get my ball mom HAHHAH Mom thought I wanted to play hide the ball but silly mom I just didn’t feel like running up the stairs ok I did one time only well, I have to make mom happy

Today I am ready to re start my walks again and take a look at all the houses decorated hmmmmmmm I wonder if Mom will let me smell those treees well, of course she will

‘Have a fantadoodle day today tomorrow is December ahhhhhhh
Santa Doodle is on his way ! ! ! ! ! !

Love ya
Willy BABe

Its time for a little watchin

Its time for a little watchin


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