Good Morning

Hellooooo Hello Well I sure had a wonderful Doodley bountiful weekend oh my doodles I just don’t know where to begin, so I will begin at the very beginning it is a very good place to start because once you start at the begiing iit is like Ruff Ruff Ruff Ruff

OOOO my Doodles before I forget I have to wish my two little favorite ones a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you a very Happy Birtthday to you A very Happy Happy Birthday a very happy Birthday to you !!!!

Mom says its too far to walk over so I will just have to sing you a song later on tonight ok ok

On Wednesday night MOM and DAD went to bed hmmmmmm they told me we were waiting up for Bob and Jane but oh my doodles it was getting late have no fear MOM andDAD I’ll let you know so all of a sudden I hear a car pull up I looked and my tail started to wag and wag Ruff Wooof Woof Woof MOM MOM MOM DAD DAD DAD THEY are here get up get up !

Nothing oh doodles I will just be the greating committee then so I did ahhhhhh BOB and his friend JANE oh what a wonderful time this will be .

Then on TURKEY DAY Karen and MAISY show up oh my doodles can you believe this all???? it was like I was wagging my tail so much I thought is might fall off NAH it didn’t but I sure was one happy Doodle.
Plus later on we went on skype and skyped with Jack, Liz, Yasmin, and Reef oh that silly Reef was making face love that little human he is funny.

OH my OH MY I’ll have to finish later but

I will sing one more TIME Happy Birthday Happy Birthday may you day be filled with lots of laughter and lots of tail waggin fun !!

Love ya

Willy BABE

Happy Birthday  Reef, & Yasmin   Ruv you

Happy Birthday
Reef, & Yasmin
Ruv you


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