Good morning

OOoooOOO Something happening here there is no way around it MOM and DAD and BOB and Karen and Jane are going to eat that TURKEY that is in the
Refrigerator now oh my Doodles sorry Mr. Bird but I just can’t stop my mom she made stuffing this morning and boy oh doodles boy was she running around the house this morning MULTITASKING so when she is doing that I just try to stay out of the way , but ….. It’s hard when your fluffy and cute MOM just keeps on giving me hugs

But last night when we walked around the neighborhood MOM was dressed so warmly oh doodles I had to chuckle at my MOM last niight.

We thouhgt we saw a neighor Mr. & Mrs K so mom Waved and Waved our flashlight and OOOppps wrong people oh doodles MOM just smiled as we walked past them and said I just wanted to make sure yu saw us OOOOOOooo MOM was pretty quick on her toes .

Me I just smiled at my MOM OOOOooOOo My human brother Bob is coming home tonight at Jane is coming with him OHHHHH doodles MOM says I better be on my best behavior I will mom
“I crossed my paws ‘ so I don’t think if I grab a snack it counts ha ha ha

Wel MOM is going in early to work this morning it is A no kid DAY SO HMMMMMM That is why she is extra happy in her smile today ahhhhhh MOM you are silly.

So have ah wonderful Turkey Day tomorrow and safe travels everyone

Love ya Willy BABE

OOoo I get to stay up late and wait for Bob and Jane tonight too so I guess it’s nap time niow

I have to be patient today

I have to be patient today


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