Good Day Doodles

Helooooooooooo it’s starting I can feel it in my tail oh doodles MOM is on HIGH GEAR oh yes she is do you know we walked extremely fast last night, well I know you were not with us but oh MY DOODLES< MOM needs to slow down and BREATHE yep she does ! ! ! !

So it was a bit cold outside last night BUT NOT forme nope I have some fluffy fur on me so when my mom said lets go awayyyy we went but OOOPSPSSS|\\

my mom should of had warmer socks on and a scarf on her face she was brrrrrrrrrry cold ! ! !

I think tonight she will be warmer so on our way Home we saw Miss Maisy ahhhh so waggin my tail when I saw her she said her human is coming home today from college ahhhh It is so much fun when our humans who are gone come home more treats shhhhhhh dont tell the big humans heee hee heee

Haveas great Doodle day

gheeeezz I must be just as excited as mom I don't know what to do but I think a nap is in order

Love ya Willy BABEMe and My Humans sister Karen and my cousin  Maisy


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