Happy Monday

OH YES today is Monday Monday and oh boy MOM says we are having family come this week plus can you believe it I am on the computer thismorning hmmmmmm MOM????

Oh she said go ahead Willy BABE type away oh my I am so super doodle excited don’t know what to say or do????

OH yes I do
But Ii must say I did have a very busy weekend and my MOM well, she went out with some friends on Friday night and I could not go with ! ! grummmph what was with that well, she was shopping and I just could not go because doodles were not allowed, so DAD and I just hung out on Friday, but, you know what On Saturday my Mom gave me such a nice walk it made up for not going with her on FridaY NIGHT, plus she made me my most farvorit dinner ummmmmm I just love when she cooks I sort of stay in the kitchen a bit longer hopeful that I can get a scrap, I even stayed near the table as MOM and DAD were eating dinner, no luck for this doodle until Mom was putting dishes away then I got a bit of gravy.

Ahhhhhh Life is so goodfor this guy, yesterday MOM and DAD were both in the kitchen OOOOoo before I forget

It snowed on SATURDAY what the Doodle????/ I knew it was coming but oh gheezz not this early I only had a bit so I had to run run run in the back yard I let my friends know it snowed I had fun gallopping around in the back yard.

Oh what fun it is to run in circles and c ircles and now I can eat the snow too Hummmm well, of course it is yummy !

But yesterday MOM was busy busy busy and DAD was helping out in the Kitchen OOOOo this is big HUGE in my doodle world

I’ll have to tel you more tomorrow gotta get moving alonig and fluffin up my t ail

Have a wonderful Day Dooodle Friends.

Love ya Willy BABE

Snow means cleaner paws

Snow means cleaner paws


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