Happy Friday

Okay I am totaly confused as a doodle today it was so warm yesterday and now today ! Gheez a doodle but MOM says watch out for
Saturday oh mom really its going to be cold hmmmmmmmm oh well thats why I have a furry coat on.

Mom stayed for a few conferences last night and DAD DID NOT TAKE ME FOR A WALK< so of course I just felt a bit doodle mischevious well, heck DAD should of walked me I asked and asked but humph!
But when MOM came home last night she pulled out a TURKEY oh Doodles my favorite eating holiday is coming closer and closer plus MOM said that MY cousin MAISY is coming and Karen is coming and my Big Brother Bob and his friend Jane oh my waht fun it will be on Thursday!

Plus I do believe Mom will be making a APPLE PIE oh how yummy and Pumpkin Pie Ijsut have to keep a watch on Miss Maisy when My family take a drive to grandma's house well, one year Maisy popped her leg up on to the countyer oh doodles was that pie delicious ! ! !

So what else is new well, let me tell you I had to wake up mom last night to go outside see when I went out at 10 I just wanted a piece of wood so I didn't do my think but at 2:00 am I was ready to go and this morning well, I wanted to take out a bone and MOM WOULD NOT LET ME gheeeeezzz MOM ! ! ! ! !

Gobble Booblle Gobble all day long I can't wait to see my humans and my cousin on Thanksgiving day

HAve a wonderful Friday

OOOOo Santa Doodle oh YES he will be coming yes of course I am making my list starting NOW

Love ya All



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