Good Mrning

oOOPS THAT CRAZY Super Moon just has made my big furry paws messing up on my typing HA and I bet you just all thought I just was rushing a LOT

HA HA HA I was oh gheezzz a doodle can never lie we just LOVE everyone with all of our furry paws waggin tails and well and ofcourse our BIG WIDE SMILES>

Well, it happened MOM took me to Beth’s on Saturday to get groomed SHHHHHHh don’t tell her but I am glad I really needed to get DOODLEICIOUS aGAIN, yea THE GIRLS in the neighborhood were staying away well just my beard was stinky thats all but oh IFEEL GOOD just like a Doodle SHOULD I feel fine like a fluffy guy should feel, so when I went outside after grooming I just woof woof at everyone to tell the girls I”M Looking good come on OVER< hmmmmpuhhhh KNOW one came over gheeezzz I guess all my friends were just enjoying the day somewhere else and not in the backyards. oh well,

MOM gave me a terrific walk on Saturday we walked in the leaves and ooppps yeah I like those smells so be careful if you walk in the leaves too !!!

Then we look and there it is the MOON it was GIANOURMOUS just like me a and it was ORANGE oh my DOODLES it was awesome oooppps gotta go
Hey I'll talk to you all later

Love ya and Have a great Doodleiciouis DAY"

Hug Hugs HUGS
Willy BABE HI  I just want to have FUN


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