Happy Friday

OH Doodle Doodle Day it is Friday today lets all dance and shout and give a big WOOF WOOF WOOF it is Friday we made it doodle buddies we did it now we can relax because somewhere it is 5:00 pm oh shucks MOM just looked over my shoulder “UMMM Willy BABE I still have to go to work with the little ones today” OH Doodles okay MOM but I get a walk and all of your attention this weekend right??

OF course you do Willy BABE YES!

Well the other day my MOM was giving a scratch ahhhhh Yep I just move my little furry butt to her and look MOM I need a scratch well she felt something took a look and I had this UGLY thing well it turned out to be a TIC eeekkkks MOM freaked out MOM seriously I said well we went to the VET they took it out and it was still alive NOw i WENT ugh
BUT IT WAS ALIVE SO the vet tech said I should be okay but now MOM has to give me that stuff she normally give me in the summer for fleas and ticks I don’t know who I got that little guy, but now Mom also has to make sure my joints dont get stiff hmmmmmmm I will be fine,

So now on to me Mr. Willy BABE also on Saturday I have to get groomed to get looking good ???/ I already thought I was the cutest Doodle on my block hee heee I’m the only one but I have noticed my beard getting a bit stinky. So Saturday MORNING off I go gheez a doodle I sure hope MOM will not do anything to fun while I am getting my doodleness handsomeness back again.

So on this wonderful FRIDAY I want to wish my HUMAN Brother BOB a Happy Veterans Day and thank you for serving our country.

Love ya all



And Lets be HAPPY OKAY everything will be okay yes it will

Willy BABE


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