Good Morning

oh My what a beautiful Day Plenty of Sunshine coming my way as soon as daylight comes hahahahah

so for now It is dark outside but this morning when I went outside in the dark but have no fear I did see that little very little critter outside crawling on the fence and NO it was not a spider I have been trying to get this guy out so I can chase him, NOW mom knows why I have woof wooof sometimes at night hmmmmm SEEEEEE I told you so !

What will MOM do about that little critter I just don’t know

But now on to the fun stuff, Mom and I went on for such a long and beautiful walk after she got home from work that I had to wait just a bit before I ate well you would not want me to get a upset tummy at all!!!
So I waited until MOM got dinner done, but ON our walk yesterday we were just looking at the colors on the trees as the sun was coming through the leaves HA MOM thinks I was looking at the Trees I was just trying to sniff out the best ONE of course ! I just smiled up at MOM when she said “LOOK willy Babe at the beutiful colors on that tree” Yeah MOM I see but I can’t smell anything from that tree lets try the next one hahahah MOM I have her NUMBER

Last night I just relaxed, so for today we will see MOM wants to watch the world series again, I KNOW I KNOW this is Aunt Joann’s favorite team along with thousands of other PEOPLE who I dont’ know but LET”S GO CUBS hmmmmmm Maybe MOM and CAn take DAD and ME there some day to
Wrigleyville just saying ROAD TRIP MOM????

Have a wonderful Wednesday

Love ya Willy BABE

I don't have a CUB SHIRT YET  BUT I am sure I can get one  right MOM???

I don’t have a CUB SHIRT YET BUT I am sure I can get one right MOM???


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