Good Morning

OH MY OH My Doodles my tummy was not feeling so well after all the woof woofing I had to do last night, can you inmagine all these little people were walking down and up my street and I had no Doodly Idea what was going on ! Mom sat outside and passed out some candy to the wee ones but oh MY some were pretty scary and I just had to protect my House.

So also on Sunday we went to a Dog park in Chippewa Falls, it was a nice one but ONE HUGE DOODLE PROBLEM, there was a swampy mess in the middle yes IN THE MIDDLE of the Park.

Yep first we went inside the little one for little dogs but then MOM could see that Miss Maisy wanted to run in the HUGE area, so MOM said lets give it a try to KAREN well I stayed on leash yea I’m pretty furry and if I went in that mucky muck it would be hard to clean me off, but anyway Maisy found the swamp and had to so much fun running and running I looked at MOM she said NO whinnnnn whinnnnnper not fair at ALL for this big GUY, MOM is right I would of gone right into the muck, Maisy has short hair so I undestood j gruuummmph

last weekend was so much fun.

OLOOoo the wind was blowing really really good last night and the last group of kids that came to my Door were the kids that live up on the street and alawys say HI WILSON<
So they came and saw me WILSON WILSON well,, MOM I need to say HI So MOM let me outside just for a bit, that the little ones SAID thats WISLON he always comes to our house to sah HI

OH DOODLES I gave a fluffy wag to my little friend.

HAve a wonderful Tuesday

Love ya Willy BABE NOVEMBER  ahhhhh  warm weather today


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