Oh My Doodles watch out for all of those Gobblins and anyone else coming to my door today MOM says don’t worry well when your only so big aND FURRY SOME OF THOSE KIDS WELL CAN BE SCARY

hahaha MOM will protect me oh I doodley l hope she will or I will protect my MOM BOO

OH my did we have a fabulous time On Sunday with MY Human sister Karen and crazy cousin Miss Maisy oh doodles I knew we were going somewhere but, ???? Mmmmmmmm It is Sunday and we are taking a drive MOM got my little bag together and away we went OH DODOLES where oh where are we going oh where are we going today We are on the highway driving fast well not to fast.

Then all of a sudden DAD goes down a winding road and stops and this building MOM get me out of the car and WWAAAA LA Karen Pulls up and Maisy is in the car with her ooooOOooo
This is going to be fun !

So MOM oh silly MOM put Maisy and ME in the same car as they went inside this BUILDING hmmmmmmmm NO pups allowed even on there patio oooo thats okay BOOO
Maisy and I played just a bit in the car , so when those humans came out away we went to a PARK oh doodles it was a HUGE park we went by some zoo animals and Maisy just looked and Looked,

Hmmmmmmm there just animals Maisy, but all of a sudden we ghostly go onto this parking lot where this HUGE I mean HUGE statue of a BEAR was there well, My little friend was a little nervous ‘
Have no FEAR Maisy My Dear Big STrong Furry Wilson is here ahhhhh Maisy its okay really its not real so Maisy carefully went by then turned away Maisy Maisy so I told her to take a sniff silly girl it doesn’t even smell We just walked around oh my Maisy.
As we were walking we stopped by this little house and after we walked there was a fence well, Maisy could crawl under but I could not well, Come on I am big and fluffy, I put my PaW ON THE fence thinking MOM come on lift me over, those humans were laughing oh my doodles.

So mom went over the fence and MOM and I took the long way around oh gheezz

OOOOOo I gotta get going and figure out what to wear so i can have a tail waggin Happy Halloweeen BoooooOOOOOOOooooo BOOO

Love ya Willy BABE

I'll keep the neighborhood     SAFE WOOF  WOOOOOOF

I’ll keep the neighborhood


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