Happy Friday

It is Friday It is Friday let us all GIVE A Woot Woooot for Friday Friday and MOM is off today she even slept in a bit , I knew it was a day off because Dad fed me my breakfast this morning and I didn’t even go up to wake up MOM ahhhhhh I am a Good Doodle Doodle that I am I like to fluff up my tail on A Friday or actually any old Doodle day.

So yesterday after Mom came home from work and I gave her a tail wag and a nudge for a doodle kiss which of course she loves, she said OK Big Guy oh Doodles MOM I’m not that big she changed her shoes got ready for a walk AHHHHHGH LOVE LOVE walking in the afternoon because MOM doesn’t have to put that LIGHT on me and then its’ not knocking me in my face when I want to sniff those leave I got a surprise on my walk too we have 3 different walks we go on so we went near a house we have friends out and A DOODLE pup was outside he was 5 Months old Mom said he was a cutie hmmm Ahemmmm MOM who is cute??????

Oh Wilson you are a very cute doodles Now that is better so anyway I let this little one get to know me I figured he is a little doodle of course but oh my was he fluffy , he name is doodle doole Doodle wag roll Oliver ahhhhhhh Oliver what a very wonderful name I told this one. I have a feeling we will be seeing him he lives near Mr. & Mrs. K’s house my friend Buster lives there ahhhh and they got this doodle in Door County one of my favorite places to be

After our walk MOM fed me well she always waits a bit after our walk just to make sure my tummy is settled down oh doodles sometimes she worries wayyyy to much

Mom did a few things then she said Wilson want to go for a car ride??? OH YES I DO guess what we saw DAD on the soccer field and when Dad trotted off the field at half time Mom and me went over to say HI I wagged my but tried to jump up on DAD but I didnt’ gheeeezz a doodle I know better I was happy to see DAD

Plus I got tons of hugs from these people but then all of a sudden a little girl came up and I sat very handsmoely for her well, she was little I told mom later on. I wanted to get a nice hug from her I am such a wonderful Doodle !!!

So have a wonderful Friday



Love ya Willy BABE


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