Oh my Doodles Oh My Doodles it is raining raining on this day OH My Doodles oh My Doodles what am I suppose to do?

Because you know when you get a wet doodles OH Doodles it is not good we need at least 1 huge HUGE towel to d ry me off H AHA HA HA

Oh Doodles Doodles Doodles it is suppose to rain all day too so you know I can’t stay out in the rain this afternoon too long because that would not be fun to be standing in the rain just coming on down on top of me rain drops rain drops are falling falling that also means those leaves would be very very wet on me when I want to roll on them heee heeee so much fun a doodle has when it is not raining.

I have an splendid Idea I will surprise MOM and DAD with a HUGE SMILE ON THIS RAINING DAY ~ mom THINKS it will be indoor recess for those kiddos OOOoooOO that means oh doodles I have no idea what that means Im inside a lot on raining days and I am just fine but oh and that is a BIG but if i have to be in two days in a row with out a walk oh MY I give the paw more Rapidly then before

so Dad and I just hung out last night while MOM was at Yoga NO NO NO Dad didn’t walk me but we played a bit and I got scratched.

Hmmmmmmm Mom says we might walk tonight if it doesn’
t rain so RAIN Clouds Go Away Go Away Go Away by at least 7 so MOM can walk with me !!

have a wonderful Wet Wednesday

Love ya Willy BABE

Sunny Yesterday today RAINY

Sunny Yesterday today RAINY


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