Good Morning

OH OH OH HI HI HI OHOHOHOHH HI well Helloooooooooooooo everyone !!!!!

I sure hope you all had a very nice weekend I sure did and MOM and I played in the leaves NO Nah we didn’t rake any well because when MOM wanted to the wind picked up and all of a sudden it got a bit chilly I sort of felt like that Disney guy Eeyore It’s a windyyyyy day i think we should just stay inside MOM Any MOM listened to me too !!

Actually she was going to stay out and rake but I gave her that LOOK MOM seriously well we had Meatballs hmmmmm yummmmm boy were they delicious NO NO of course MOM didn’t give me any well of
course I was right in the middle of the kitchen just watching Watchin you MOM I am watching to see if you drop just the slightest crumbWAAAA LA she did oh OH OH MOM you are tricky

So at night time MOM really really can you believe it didn’t feel like walking Hmmmmmm I had to check to make sure she was feeling okay oh she was So I just had to keep nudging her and giving her that LOOK We went ahhhh and its good we did too because we saw MR n Mrs K and Buddy ahhhhhhh I like there little buddy and espcially Mr. K he always gives me doodley terrfic ear scratches.

It was a strange walk on Sunday No ON was outside so mom and I just took a short one, But last night we did our longer walk which I like much much better Plus we saw a few more people and it was frosty outside no NO Not likeFrosy the Snowman How I love to see all the Frosty Snowmans in the yards.
Oh my Doodles I am wayyy off in my singing today I had better practice while MOM is at work

oooo as we were walking last night some human was walking without a LIGHT on oh Doodles MOM and I are not fans of humans without lights on its DARK guys wear a light So mom and I went to the other side of the street yep we did I watched the guy so we were safe hmmmmmmm October and walking strange stufff in yards and people without lights on hmmmmmmmmm Weirda licious.

Go Cubbies we are watching them tonigiht my Human Aunt JoAnn is a HUGE HUGE fan so a shout out to her and the Cubbies even though mom has never taken me or DAD to Wrigleyfield OH well maybe next summer.

Love ya

Willy BABE






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