Happy Friday

Good Morning Good Morning it is a fabalucious doodle kind of a day

Well, oh Well what do you think of a sunny Friday coming our way oh I love it in fact Mom took me for a special walk yesterday and the breeze was cool mom should of had a HAT on her head her ears were turning red oh gheezzzzz MOM ! ! !

The best part of our walk were all of the leaf piles oh my doodles so many that I just had to snifffff sniffff all of them that came our way NoooOOOO Mom and I didn’t jump in any just yet but last night after Dad got home from Soccer he raked the leaves oh doodles I looked at MOM with that cute look I like to give her, knowing she knew what I wanted to do but MOM well, she was watching that Silly Bear game and said NO she actually said NO to me but,……. Today is a different day and I am pretty sure we can jump in those pile of leaves on our front yard

Leaves are falling leaves are falling lets make a giant leaf pile lets make a giant leaf pile so so so many leaves soo soo sooo many leaves lets have some fun lets have some FUN

Aoooooo before I forget well I am 8 years old now so I can forget occasionaly well there was a knock at our door MOM and I went opened it up and it w as Mrs. O and Maisy May, so we took a short walk with them ahhhhh I like it when my little girlfriend picks me up for a walking date HA HA HA HA then of course after the walk Mom and Mrs. O talked for a bit, I was a good boy I just waited and waited Maisy and I nuzzled just a bit well, ……. anyway I had a spectacluar Doodle night.

happy Friday to you Happy Friday to you have a fantastic Dayyyyy Have a fantastic Day!

Love ya willy BABE

Yep even as a pup I  enjoyed the leaves

Yep even as a pup I enjoyed the leaves


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