Good Morning


Wednesday it is a wonderful day Wednesday is because oh just because Wednesday is almost all those leaves have fallen off of my trees in my front yard so you know what that Means/!?!?!

Mom and I get to make a big Huge Wonderful leaf pile and JUMP right on in I bet you didnt’; know MOM likes to jump into the leaves she is careful then she likes to lay in the leaves I have to go over and check on her then WAAAAALA she throws Leaves right into my doodle face then I get leaves on my tail oh gheezz I am just a leaf mess and I LOOVE IT

Last night when MOM got home ahhh it was so nice out MOM and I just ran around the backyard the trees were swaying and I could tell MOM just wanted to be outside ahhhhh the fresh air she said????? MOM it is always fresh oh what the doodle heck sometimes I just have to agree with MOM it makes her happy and you know when MY MOM is happy I get an extra treeeat

We played soccer ball and I ran and Ran oh so much fun to run around and run around the yard, but those squirrels especially Rocky well he has been digging little tiny holes in my yard and I stepped into one and oooops I limped a bit held up my paw and MY gave me a big hug ALL BETTER

This morning I greeted MOM with the best doodle pose ever yep on my back ahhhhh well I had to woof wooof WOOOF early this morning those bunny rabbits were on my porch so early oh oh oh

Today I just have to rest because MOM and I are walking tonight and we get to swish swish those leaves ahhhhhh so many leaf piles to sniff sniff this morning and well what ever else I just feel like doing I am the Doodle of course

OOOooo the other thing thats great about fall I like to sit on my grass and just watchhh hmmmmmm you never knmow what I can see just by watching ! ! !

Have a wonderful I hope not to whacky of a Wednesday

Love ya Willy BABE




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