Good Morning


I know I promised to tell more of my s tory oh but my oh mY I have just been a busy doodle,

So On sunday when those Humans were waiting for there food my Human MOM took the Yasmin and Reef outside to the car and they gave me a short walk ahghhhh It was so great seeing those two little ones and Yes I am just slightly taller then them right now but MOM said they will get taller than me soon oh what the Doodles that is okay both of them gave me hugs, but oh doodles I had to go back into the car I could of stayed outside but MOM was worried I would woof ruff ruff too much.

But after lunch I got to go for a walk and Both of the kids took care of me YES and walked me right on over to this huge Water fountain and this Water was flowing out pretty darn doodle neat Reef wanted me to jump in the water b ut MOM doodlesquashed that one ha hka ahhh she said I didn’t have a towel to dry off on, which is true can you inmagine a wet doodle driving all the way home whoooosh that would be stinky Ahhhhh So see I had a wonderful Sunday,

And now the weekend is almost here again NO walk for me yesterday MOM had a bit of a headache so she just rested I sure do wish she would of asked DAD to give me a walk but MOM said tonight we would go no worries at all FOR ME

Guess what we have a huge branch that fell from our tree yesterday so I get to play find the doodle in the branches ha ha ha the stuff I do to amuse myself,

Have a Throughly wonderful Thursday

Love ya Willy BABE

Love this time of the year

Love this time of the year


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