Good Morning

Helloooo Hello Helloooo today and tomorrow and yesterday OooooOOO I know I was just being a lazy doodle on a Monday, but once I tell you why you’ll be like OOOO Wilson you deserve it

So Mom and DAD TOTALY surprised this doodle on Sunday and Normally I can sniff snifff hmmmmmm what is up ! ! So I watched and watched then all of a sudden Mom is getting my backpack ready some treats my water a dish hmmmmmm yes and some bags for well you know what !! Then Mom says lets GO Yes YES Im going on a field trip today that is when MOM andDAD tell me we were going to Madison to SEEE Jack, Liz, Yasmin, and Reef, Yipppeeeee Doodley Doodle

But first MOm and Dad took me to a dog park oh my that was so much fun but just to make sure MOM and DAD were coming I only went so far then ran back to them ran again and just looked this time Yes Theywere following ME ME ME !!
But I stopped for a minute Mom did what she had to do then walked away Hmmmmmm Dad and I were walking together but where oh where is MOM going Oh where is she going Now she has the plastic bag in her hands but OH Wait I better go with MOM she might get lost ha ha ah Mom is silly she thought I would let her walk to the garbage all by herself, nope NOT this Doodle Bug.

So I got to run up hills down hills do somesniffing do some rubbing on the ground just when I found that doodleperfect spot Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! Then Dad went somewhere for a bit MOM????? MOM??
“Dont worry Wilson” Dad will be back , so MOM and I walked a bit up a hill MOM spotted Dad again, she said “Wilson ! Look who is comming down the path DAD!!!!”

Yeah so I ran down as quickly as I could to greet DAD ahhhhhhh Then we left the park andwent to a restuarant , I stayed in the car with the windows rolled down but MOM kept a close Mom’sDoodle eye on me. Then this little hand came into my window REEEF REEF ahhhh Hi little ONE ! my tail was wagging so much ahhhhhh My littlest humans I got to see them.

I watched then I saw Liz and YASMIN but where oh where was Jack? Hmmmmmm OOOO Jack Jack my big human brother ahhhhh My family ahhhhhh

Mom tooked me out of the car so Yasmin and Reef could give me a Giant Hi Wilson We missed you HUG waga wagga wagging my t ail..

ooo Doodles look at the time I’ll have to tell you more of my adventures later on okay Okay

Have a wonderful Tuesday

Love ya Willy BABE

Nothing like a back scratch in the grass

Nothing like a back scratch in the grass


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