Happy Friday

Fluffy Fluffy Friday how i love it How I love there is nothing like a FRIDAY Nothing like a Friday Bring it ON Bring It on

OH doodles MY tail is all fluffed up for FRIDAY So it is here finally finally, oh I must say I just can’t wait because MOM always has something fun planned oh doodles, of course I know those spring bulbs she brought with my HUMAN sister is in the garage just waiting to be planted but MOM said we will do something FUN FUN FUN now that FRIDAY IS HERE

Oh guess what???/ Last night it rained while we were walking not a whole lot but MOM and I kept on Walking Kept On walking yes we did ahhhhhh but we didn’t go as far as we normally do only because MOM just wasn’t so sure if it was going to pour but we walked in the rain have you walked in the rain lately??

I mean really rain or snow Mom said she would rather walk with the snowflakes eeeeek MOM I said don’t say that word SNOW YIKES

ooops my oh my ties flies when its Friday !

but I just want to say one more thing LASt night I protected my MOM yes Dad was still at soccer and she was upstairs so I went upstairs with my lMOM see I heard all kind of noises last night while MOM cleaned stuff up after our walk and you never know what is outside at night but I woofed wooof woooof and I scared what ever was bothering me away.

Whooosh well it is October and scary booooOOOOooooy things happen and It is my wonderful Doodley perfect pleasure to protect my mom and Besides she gives me snuggles.

have a awonderful Fantastic FRIDAY and sing the leaves are falling leaves are falling on my head on my head see all the many leaves see all the many leaves as they FALL as they FALL


Love ya Willy BABE

Hmmmmm can you smell fall  ! !

Hmmmmm can you smell fall ! !


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