Happy Thursday

Today is a totaly wonderful Thursday,

On Thursday I can look at the blue sky and look at the leaves changing colors and watch Rocky the squirrel bury those nuts in my YARD, On Thursday I can throughly just enjoy being on my deck until MOM says “Wilson, time to go in I have to get to work,” Mom does that A LOT in the morning what the doodles I just want to have fun on Thursday .

Last night MOM and I took a very long walk I was exhausted at first I thought where is MOM then I remembered it was Wednesday oh my Doodles How could I forget it was Wednesday ON Wednesday there was a kitty cat wondering around by my porch I just carefully watched it and just wagged my tail very sloooooooowwwly.

OOO My I just forgot the other day I was just relaxing on the couch MOM came down and I was in my Doodle position belly side up of course. Mom said MOrning Wilson, I just wagged my tail swisssh swish swish oh my did she laugh well MOM seriously sometimes I just want to swish my tail very very sloooooooooly its good for my fluffy tail exercies.

Last afternoon was very strange in our neighborhood mom and I were outisde grilling then all of a sudden we hear a siren then a loud speaker what the doodles I looked at mom she stepped up on the bench on the deck me and a couple of the other pups in the neighborhood just woof woofed hmmmmmmmm
All was okay MOM called up Mrs B it was a neighborhood watch get together hmmmmmm How can the neighborhood get together without ME?????/ whinnnnnn whimmmmmmper grummmmph

Mom reminded me that we don’t live on that street OH yeah giggle giggle how silly of me

hey we had a perfect night for a walk, and saw decorations for Halloween so that means only one thing Karens birthday is coming soon and those little kids will be ringing my bell soon oH NO Karen’s birthday is not on Halloween it is on the 18th yeah yeah Treats for all

Have a wonderful Thursday Be thoughtful
Love ya

Willy BABE


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