Good Morning

Well, Well, Well, MOM and DAD picked me up from my VACAY and I must tell you they were a little bit tired too.

OH MY DOODLES I saw MOM peaking into the area where I was and MY tail was going in circles cirlces HUGE CIRCLES yes MOM IS here Yippeee Doodley Doodle.
And my buddies well, first as soon as I saw my MOM I went wooF WOOOF in a high squeaky voice then MOM opened up the door to the kennel area, UMMMM MOM that is a NO NO NO , we can’t even do that even if your a human you have to wait but MOM just said HI WILSON HI BUDDY< then as soon as I left all my friends were saying good bye to me

Yeah I guess they liked me over there at the Kennel, Ilike them too but I like being at home also MOM said no more vacations for awhile. then she told me remember why we went your Human brother got married, YEA so now I have two little ones to get hugs from YES ! ! !

Hmmmmm if Karen is a AUNT and BOB is a uncle I wonder what is my TITLE MOM still said It is Willy the Wonder DOG hahah oh silly MOM !

No walk last night which is okay for me i just plopped down on the couch and stretched out ahhhhhhhhhh ! ! ! ! Mom and "DAD had a wonderful time in Vermont and she said well, yes she had to tell me that she saw a LOT of PUPS and two doodles so she said she got her DOODLE FIX< oh MY OH MY at least I am number 1 in her doodle heart.

Now I must get to business at hand relaxing A LOT today and watching those squirrels I am sure Rocky the Squirrel missed me I saw many many holes he dug, but Today I will ruff Rufffff at him.

Gotta get moving along singing my song as I just relax today until MOM comes home from work with the kiddos, ohgheez I hope doodle going to keep my paws crossed that they have big smiles for her.

Love ya ALL

and to my Brother Jack and Liz I am wagging my tail with happiness for you two !



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