Happy Monday

Oh my doodles just the other day it was SATURDAY and now today MONDAY gheezzzzz I didn’t even get to finish all of my naps over the weekend, and rest up for another week.

Mom was so busy Saturday that we didn’t even go for our walk or maybe we did oh doodles what the Monday is for just realizing that the weekend went soooo very doodly fast.

And in a few days I get to go on another vacay but MOM doesn’t realize that Im going with them yes I just went on the compyter booked my flight ad away I will fly or I could just sneak into Karens car when she comes and hide under a blanket then she can turn around and I will SMILE HI IM HERE let’s go we have a wedding to go tooo Get me to the wedding on time !!

Ohhhh doodles will MOM and DAD be surprised oh wait oh wait that was just a dream ahhhhhhh I think Karen will notice me, yeah she would. Doodles, i”l just stay at home.

I am loving this cooler weather MOM put me outside and I just sat on the lawn and watched my kingdom just making sure that Rocky doesn’t hide all of his nuts in my yard, well gheez it’s best to spread those out, other wise I’ll just gooooo crazy searching for all of that squirrel smells.

Well, better get moving along and in 5 days my Human brother Jack will be getting married, ahhhh Mom wishes that her MOM could see Jack get married, but I told MOM she is watching from Heaven.

Have a great wonderful day

Love ya Willy BABE

Me  and Jack just snuggling

Me and Jack just snuggling


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