Happy Friday

It’s Friday Friday FRIDAY it is FRIDAY so fluff up your tail Make it Fluffy Fluffy Fluffy make your tail fluffy sooooo it can wag all day long !

Nothing makes me more happier than having my tail fluffed up for Friday! If my tail is fluffy I can dance and when I dance I do my doodle romping stomping paw drop down and dancing well, I do have to practice for when I make my debut on the dance floor for my human brother’s wedding RIGHT?????

Mom was wearing her shoes last night breaking them in, MOM I don’t have to break in my paws they are ready for some DANCING DANCING MOM just smiles I think she knows something I don’t know BUt

Tonight MOM said we will go watch some soccer and play in the grasss OOOO before If forget I got the best belly rub this mornming from my MOM she came down and I smiled rolled over and MOM just rubbed my belly Ahhhhh Now that is the way to start your FRIDAY

Plus Now I just don’t understand MOM gave me my bone this morning but would not let me outside with the bone gheezzzzzz I would not and I promised her I would not eat it in one bite, but she just didn’t agree with me I guess its because I promised that before and well,…… I got sick so that bone trust not there for this Doodlebug.

Have a wonderful day today I sure will because FRIDAY FRIDAY is the best day of the week for ME ! ! ! !

Love ya All

Fluffy Tail wilson here

Have a great day

Have a great day


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