Happy Wednesday

happy Happy HAPPY Day to you Happy Happy HAPPY Day to you Happy Wednesday Happy Wednesday Happy day to you !

Just in case you don’t have a smile on your face I sure Hope I can make you smile, especially if you woke up with that BANG CRACKK Boom man oh doodles Man was it noisy this morning.

OH my OH my I was just relaxing on the couch then CRACK CRACK A big huge flash of WHITE oh DOODLES rain oh rain please stop please stop for ME because as you all know I have to go outside in the rain and if its raining oh Doodles I get pretty soaked ! ! ! !

Yes MOM does get a towel for me which is fun because I try to leave as she wipes my fur its just a game we play.

Last night I must say was a little muggy for a walk but MOM just needed to walk and walk, so of course I went along she just needs someone to walk with. My tongue wasn’t hanging out but we had fun yep I smelled some different trees we went a complete opposite way, Adventures thats what I say let’s go and do some adventures and we did, if we didn’t go that route, Mom and I would not seen that flock of geese honking over head gheez they are noisy, I stopped right in my furry doodle tracks to just look up into the sky, hmmmmmmmmmmmm where oh where are they going oh where are they going today, its getting dark I hope they find there way !!!!

Yep its that time of year that I have to wear my flashing light and mom carries a light too, that means only one think FALL Fall Is coming and the leaves will be turning colors, oh what fun it is to play in the falling leaves.


WEll I must get doodling along and snuggling on the couch today, getting ready for another big walk tonight as long as it doesn’t rain, OOOO mom says I have to start looking for a tie hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Must be for the wedding coming up. shhhhhhh Jack doesn’t know it but I am going to sneak on the airplane, shhhhhh

have a Fantadoodle day

Love ya Willy BABE




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