Good happy Tuesday

Good Morning “Good Morning” it is a bright and beautiful day Good Morning Good Morning Hi to you all this beautiful day.

What a weekend this was I had a babysitter on Friday and Saturday morning yep A Babysitter can you believe that it was good because MOM and Dad rushed in the house on Friday and Rushed out hnmmmmmm what is up with all of this????

Then next thing I know up in the drive pulls up a car and WAAAALA one of my favorite Humans came over. ahhhhh Oh doodles we had fun fun fun,

Then on Sunday two little ones came to visit me and this one little one had a cracker in her hand oh Doodles we were good pups in waiting waiting and more waiting but that Little one didn’t drop a single crumb for us three pups, oh man Gheezzzz a doodle we were starving too Just kidding.

Okay Okay something else is going on not sure but I think I really do sometimes see my brain isn’t always full of noodles but……. Mom is reading some pamphlets about another state, hmmmmm I think we might be going somewhere I sure do Hope I can go with.

OOOo last night was a marvelous walk, about the neighborhood, oh my that boy Austin came to give me a hug and wanted to shake my paw but HECK no TREAT no Shake, but MOM had me shake, then as we were walking some other lady thought I looked like Snuffalapugus from Sesame Street, oh Doodles was there a full moon AGAIN last night.

As Mom and I got way far ahead of this lady we laughed MOM says Im not a BIG Elephant I am a snuggly Doodlebug.

Have a wonderful day today

Love Ya Wily BABE

Mom you need to upload new pictures

Mom you need to upload new pictures


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