Good Morning

Good Morning Good Morning are you wagging your tail??? Good Morning Good Morning, it is such a beautiful day ! !

I was just a lazy doodle yesterday so today I just have to make sure you all are up to date on my antics.

So On Tuesday when MOM and I were walking a real cute Golden Retriever stopped by to say hi as we were by a tree , oh come on now you all know why I stop by trees, so I just wanted to say to this cute pup and the human said he was friendly oh goodie well as I was trying to say HI this pup lifted up its leg just as I was going to say HI and EWWWWWWWW I got a spray in my FACE UCK Now that was not very nice of that pup, oh doodles. MOm washed off my face when we got home Thank Doodle Goodness
Now yesterday MOM was a bit late coming home, gheeezzzzz what was more important getting food or ME????

Food won out.

Last night as we were walking MOM saw that the MOON was out andwe are talking the BIG FULL MOON< so what does MOM do she stops in the middle of the Road to try to take my picture, well, I thought this is not very Doodley Safe, so of course I was looking left and right just to make sure no cars were coming down our street luckily there wasn't. Gheezzzzzzzz

Mom and I took our walk this morning and some HUMAN was walking with there Dog off leash hmmmmmmmm I just didn't like that well, the Human didn't have a flashlight like MOM carries so I was watching veryyyyyyy carefully.

Oooops gheez a doodle I thought I had more time but, NO Mom says she has to get going, so until tomorrow parting is such sweet doodle sorrow ha ha ha ha

Love ya Willy BABE I'm liking this cool weather


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