Good Morning

I’m back Yep I went again on VACAY oh doodles it is so much fun to vacy at my favorite spot. Soo Many Soo MANY PUPS TO play with I just never know who to play with first.

Most of I like the big guys oh yes we wrestle and tug and wrestle some more, but this vacay we had some rain so had to stay indoors, but I got some treats Yep Yep Yep
Mom always sends treats along for my VACAY not sure if My Mom and Dad get treats on there VACAY. Mom and Dad went away to somewhere fun they said, but WHEN MOM picked me up yetesterday I was so happy I jumped up and gave her a big FURRY HUG MOM MOM you got me Yea Yea Doodles Love to you MOM>

I knew My MOM was getting me because sillies she had me have a bath ahhhhhh To get that smell of off me ahhhhh I love it when I get a fresh bath.

So MOM and I were talking and I think she felt just slightly guilty because she said as her and Dad were walking In Key West, a family was driving around in a golf cart and AND Mom spotted a golf cart full of DOODLES DOODLES OODLES AND OODLES OF DOODLES< well, 3 acutally, and SHE GOT HER DOODLE KISSES ahhhhhh, " I said, MOM" its okay because I missed you too!

Nope and no walking this morning it was raining but MOM said after Yoga we will walk, ahhhhh and I think we have to start to bring the flashlight now too, ugh oh Doodles as long as we get to walk I will be a happy tail waggin Guy.

Have a Tremendous Tuesday.

Love ya
Willy BABE I'm back again from my VACAY


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